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Now accepting applications for the Health and Human Services Director! (5295 hits)

The primary purpose of this position is to plan, organize and direct the County’s Health and Human Services functions, under the general supervision of the County Board and County Manager, to ensure quality services are delivered in a timely manner and in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations, statutes and mandates.

•Provide leadership and direction for program development, establishing program standards and monitoring and evaluating quality of service delivery systems; supervise budget activities, maintain direct involvement in conflict/complaint resolution, staffing and personnel issues and serve as the principle spokesperson for the department relative to program issues.

•Oversee financial activities of the department; prepare, justify, manage and present the annual budget, deliver mandated programs/services, assure efficient and effective operations, build cultural competency and assure compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws/polices and rules, manage risk mitigation, and assure the highest level of professional standards and respond to the current and anticipated needs of the community.

•Represent the department with government officials, other human services providers, and a variety of advocacy groups to influence the decision making process in order to insure adequate resources for program maintenance and expansion and the delivery of comprehensive services.

•Personnel/Team Management to ensure a competent workforce: Hire, develop, counsel and evaluate performance; provide feedback and disciplinary action as needed; develop and maintain a positive team work environment; provide effective and timely communication.

•Serve as the Executive Officer of the County HHS Board executing the authority of the board as defined in GS 153A-77.

Program Management:

•Oversee the administrative operations and service delivery systems and assure that management mechanisms; such as productivity measures, quality assurance, and other monitoring mechanisms; are in place and used.

•Assure that adequate resources are available to enable agency staff to carry out the agency’s responsibilities and guide agency staff towards finding more efficient and effective work/service delivery methods.

•Guide the department through designated management staff, in selecting the best qualified staff available; in training staff to do their jobs; in establishing reasonable standards as to how well, how much, and how timely services need to be provided; in establishing performance appraisal and feedback systems to coach the employees towards delivering services in the manner and within the standards established; in projecting the amount of work and the number of staff needed to do the work; and, in defining, and communication, justifying the need for additional resources, as needed.

•Monitor and analyze the needs and financial requirements of each service area and assessing the impact of any change on the ability of the agency to carry out its mandated service responsibilities.

•Develop strategies to optimally utilize available resources (financial and personnel) to meet the changing needs; strategies may include reallocation of staff or dollars to the area of greatest need.

•Ensure ongoing budget realignment as a result of forecasted and actual changes in federal/state laws and programs as well as responding to actual and projected demographic, social and economic conditions.

•Conduct analysis of service trends and the needs of HHS in carrying out its mandated responsibilities to provide justifications for Fiscal Year Budget requests.

•Direct the implementation of necessary organizational and programmatic changes in resource allocation and procedures, through designated managers, to assure that the agency mission is met. If changes require greater expenditure of financial resources the Director may first seek approval from the County Manager and, if necessary, from the Board of Commissioners.

•Collaborate with designated division heads to review program, fiscal and performance data to assess resource allocation, staff performance, and staffing needs.

•Attend regular meetings with the County Manager or Assistant County Manager to share information about the operations of the Department and seek advice and support as appropriate.

•Consult with County Attorneys when legal issues arise.

•Assure the existence of a personnel plan in compliance with federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, regulations, policies and guidelines.; provide consultation, advice and support in personnel management, recruitment, and selection using merit principles, staff relations, staff development, performance appraisal, fair employment practices, and procedures to immediate supervisees; serve as the “appointing authority”.

•Interpret HHS programs to the general public, the County HHS Board, other agencies, and County and State officials; and enlist their support for the programs and facilitate actions in requiring their involvement.

•Inform the public regarding the programs, budget, challenges, legislative needs, and accomplishments by writing articles, appearing on television and radio, making group presentations, annual reports, as well as responding to questions individually from the citizens of Buncombe County.

•Engage the public in the operation of the Department by establishing and maintaining various advisory groups.

•Establish organizational relationships with other agencies and groups and work with state agencies for the purpose of developing resources within the county, which will provide the needed services to the clients in the most efficient and effective way.

•Work with community groups toward finding possible alternatives for meeting identified needs.

•Stay aware of changing needs and opportunities for special programs which will benefit the people of Buncombe County and guide the agency into these areas.

•Assure that clear policies are available in writing to staff to guide them and assure that training plans are implemented to help each employee develop to his/her full potential.

•Provide leadership and information for community planning through speaking engagements and formal working relationships with various interested groups and individuals.

•Facilitate the Agency Leadership Team to assure good communication, relationships, and coordinated planning across Divisions.

•Consult with other agencies as requested to assist in the improvement of management functions.

Personnel Management:

•Assess staffing needs, screen applicants, conduct interviews and select the best-qualified candidate to fill vacancies as appropriate.

•Provide and coordinate appropriate training and orientation for new and existing employees, supply information, technology and reference materials necessary to perform specific jobs functions.

•Assign duties to employees, relative to classification and specific to job description, communicate the expectations for successful performance of those duties and ensure staff understands how performance will be measured.

•Ensure a safe and supportive work environment for all employees.

•Ensure an efficient and effective workflow, implement changes in routine work practices and procedures as needed to modify unit functioning according to client needs and employee capabilities.

•Provide ongoing feedback to employees and address performance problems in a timely manner through progressive corrective actions.

•Assist employees with addressing and resolving a variety of concerns and complaints related to job duties and job descriptions, performance standards, relations with coworkers, relations with supervisors and managers.

•Provide leadership, guidance, and support to division/unit supervisors, in areas of budget, finance, programmatic performance, planning, implementing, managing, monitoring, and evaluating.

Team and Network Relationships:

•Represent the Department of Health and Human Services on various committees/taskforces; act as liaison to various community agencies and/or committees to ensure collaboration, establish positive work relations, eliminate duplication of services, and to work on integration of a community wide emergency response plan/system.

•Effectively manage relationships within the agency so that your team of employees can successfully work with other departments across Buncombe County to achieve common objectives.

•Effectively manage relationships within the community to assure that concerns of Buncombe County citizens are being addressed and employees are carrying forth the mission to protect the health and safety of Buncombe County residents.

•Effectively communicate agency’s mission, vision, strategic plan and objectives by dissemination of internal messaging.

Duties and responsibilities of the HHS Director as defined by NC General Statute 153A-77:

A. The HHS Director of a Consolidated County HHS Agency is appointed and dismissed by the County Manager with the advice and consent of the Consolidated HHS Board.

B. The HHS Director is the appointing authority for all departments within HHS.

C. The HHS Director shall report directly to the County Manager.

D. The HHS Director has authority to delegate duties to members of his/her staff and to grant staff the authority to act as the Director’s representative per the Delegation of Authority Statute 108A-14(b).

E. The HHS Director shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

1.Appoint staff of the Consolidated HHS agency.

2.Administer State/Federal HHS programs.

3.Administer HHS programs of the local County Board of County Commissioners.

4.Act as secretary and staff to the Consolidated HHS Board.

5.Plan the budget of the Consolidated HHS agency.

6.Advise the board of County Commissioners through the County Manager.

7.Act as an agent of and liaison to the State, to the extent required by law.

F. Except as otherwise provided by law, the HHS Director or the director’s designees shall have the same powers and duties of a social services director and a local health director as defined by law, policy and administrative rules.


•Knowledge of the legal and philosophical basis for health, social work and public welfare programs.

•Knowledge of principles and practice of Health and Human Services.

•Knowledge of budget/finance, management principles, techniques, and practice.

•Knowledge of the agency’s organization, operation and objectives and applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.

•Knowledge about and ability to carry out all mandates of the General Statutes as well as knowledge of the practice modalities, values, and skills of the social work profession.

•Ability to exercise sound judgment in analyzing situations and making decisions; direct employees and relationships with the general public, and with federal, state, and local officials.

•Perform quality work within deadlines with or without direct supervision.

•Interact professionally and courteously with other employees, customers and partners.

•Work effectively as a team contributor on all assignments.

•Understand the necessity to efficiently and effectively interact, communicate and coordinate work efforts with other employees and organizations in an effective manner to accomplish common task.

•Function in highly stressful circumstances.

•Maintain a high level of professionalism and confidentiality and conduct business in an ethical manner at all times.

•Ability to safely and successfully perform the essential job functions consistent with ADAAA, FMLA and other federal, state, and local standards, including meeting qualitative and/or quantitative productivity standards.

•Ability to maintain regular, punctual attendance consistent with ADAAA, FMLA and other federal state and local standards.

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Posted By: Elynor Moss
Thursday, November 16th 2017 at 9:46AM
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